Couples Counseling in longmont


Couples Counseling in Longmont, CO

The Downtown Therapist specializes in couples counseling using the Gottman Method and works with couples at any stage in their relationship. Couples will learn how to set their relationship up for success and how to get back on track when they hit a bump in the road or get stuck in a rut. This therapy is based on decades of research and provides practical skills that are easy to use. You will learn the secrets of successful couples and also learn what behaviors predict divorce and their antidotes. Specific areas of focus include building a sense of friendship, appreciation, and connection, managing conflict, creating shared meaning, and fostering trust and commitment. The Gottman Method is also appropriate for working with parenting issues, couples in recovery, and treating trauma and affairs. 

Couples counseling is an opportunity for:

  • Getting back something you lost
  • Finding something you never had
  • Deciding if you want to stay
  • Recovering from  betrayal
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Establishing safety
  • Starting from scratch
  • Understanding differences
  • Processing grief/loss
  • Coming to an agreement
  • Acceptance
  • Connecting emotionally
  • Connecting physically
  • Adjusting to change
  • Creating shared meaning
  • Getting to know one another
  • Transitioning to a new phase
  • Supporting your partner
  • More effective communication
  • Managing conflict more effectively
  • Expressing appreciation 
  • Love and respect

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